Buy Aakash Tablet Online Or In Retail Stores

Aakash tablet by Government of India is priced at Rs. 3000 and seems to be in the high demand. While the tablet offers Android, hardware specs aren't impressive at all. Of course we don't expect lot of processing power or storage space, but is it worth spending 3K bucks on this piece of hardware? Share your views.

I'd also like to know what are the places where you can buy this tablet. Are there any ecommerce websites so that people can order these tablets online? The retail stores will get the tablet in November. I expect the tablet to be available at Reliance Digital, Tata Chroma and other mobile vendors.


  • Shobhan Mankad
    Shobhan Mankad
    is Aakash Tablet Ubislate Buy PC Specs Price in India Features Review Website the official site for it ? if yes, then its not updated !! it does mention, that it is to be released on 5th of oct, but every other link of "buy" aint working.

    anyways with 366 Mhz processor is pretty slow i guess for a tablet working. the future options of 1.2Ghz might be something to look forward to. today samsung sII is already having processor faster then this !! yeah , the price also is different, not saying that...

    they should increase the price to 2000 or so and make it atleast fast working. these are my preliminary views, however i would certainly wish to try one in stores as mentioned by you above, then we could get exact idea of how good is it in working.

    basic working of word,excel or presentation should work fine or even accesing internet should do nice. HDMI support is something i liked very much, Now, ppt carrying is even easier and no need of any laptop too !! thats a plus point for some who do presentations often, no matter if its not a student !!

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