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Business ideas for civil engineers startup?

Question asked by Ankita Katdare in #Startups & Business on Jul 25, 2015
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Jul 25, 2015
Rank A1 - PRO
Inspired from the several discussions going on CrazyEngineers about business ideas for electrical engineers, I thought we should have one for civil engineers as well. A lot of engineers from the top institutes in India are going for their own startups or small-scale businesses right after graduation. The scenario is different in colleges from the smaller cities. There are no core companies visiting the campus for placements of civil engineers and most B.E./B.Tech Civil branch graduates are left with the only option of self-employment.

Now there's no dearth of ideas for business in the civil engineering industry. In fact, from what I am reading in the recent times, the entire infrastructure and construction industry is due for a major technological revolution. More than ever, now is the time to startup in this arena.

Areas that I think are very relevant business idea mongers for civil engineers:

1. Sustanability by designing
2. Rapid construction
3. Solar powered homes and offices
4. Green construction materials: rice husk, fly ash etc.
5. Automation of execution
6. Innovation in the designs

I am sure together we can come up some really workable business ideas that those looking for options can take up. Posted in: #Startups & Business
Priscila Banqueri
Priscila Banqueri · Oct 21, 2015
I am a Civil Engineer in Brazil and I am looking for opportunities to be an entrepreneur
sagar selarka
sagar selarka · Aug 2, 2016
I was so looking forward to find some answers on this post for myself but I myself being a civil engineer but I guess starting any business in civil needs a lot of experience.finance aswell
sagar selarka
sagar selarka · Aug 2, 2016
and if u have found something pls do share
Er. Pankaj
Er. Pankaj · Jun 12, 2017
Dear members, I completed my diploma in Civil engineering and then doing my graduation with distance mode and also doing job in field of High rise building, I want to start my own business in which i can design and construct residential building with help of architect and vastu Consultant.........Can you suggest me how to start and how much finance i required to start...
urvi kashyap
urvi kashyap · Jan 25, 2018
I had a startup idea in mind which involves rigorous participation from Civil engineers, architects, interior designers etc :
Economical housing communities. These have been in practice in the west and it can easily be started in India as well. They range from ship container conversions, used airplane to be developed into housing societies etc.
I have also posted a wiki link which also focuses on green buildings as well. People with better understanding of the subject can dwell deep.
Adwait Adbe
Adwait Adbe · Sep 4, 2018

@urvi kashyap 

Nice to see your post and taking first step in India. I am  Civil engineer with masters degree in structural engineering. I have 32+ years of experience in field and now want to participate in such type of innovative steps. I think if you can share your ideas, place of operation etc etc then I am confident that I can contribute to such ideas.  You can put your thoughts on my email ID 

Waiting for your response 


Anurag Sisodia
Anurag Sisodia · Sep 5, 2018
Rank D2 - MASTER

Hey guys,

I run my own foundation who help new comers in stabilizing new ideas in market. Our main motive is to support incubation in India and make entrepreneurs self dependent. We can provide expert guidance and financial support to make you survive in business world.

For more information please visit my website www.healthcarefoundations.in/incubation-program/.

bill yorke
bill yorke · Jan 19, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

most of startup businesses in civil engineering require huge capital investments and networks. However, I would advise one to consider draft works and designs on freelancing basis of course under a registered engineer. This will make you some money while you perfect in key elements of your training.

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