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Hi all!
What is in force nnow in India 1) NBC or 2) IS codes?


  • Gopal Dinesh
    Gopal Dinesh
    Id like to know how much space I can add on to my house. I have 8 ft on the side of my house and would like to expand on the side and want to know where I can find info on how much space I need to have there. Do I get that info from the city planning? Or is it on a county level? Or a state level? Who should I approach for this kind of info? Im in Los Angeles County. Thanks!
  • esv_raghavan
    Hi all!
    What is in force nnow in India 1) NBC or 2) IS codes?

    NBC 2005 is nothing but SP7 .
    basic guide line of IS codes, which is must for a civil engineer.

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