BTEC Nat Certificate electrical engineering Year2 Project

Hey their guys, my names surf. i've just started my second year of the course and we have been told to come up with project ideas. so far the only idea i can think of which i reckon would be quite fun is a variable temperature heater which could be used to dry different grades of paint (gloss, acrylic, matt). however the course details i must come up with three ideas. i was wondering whether anyone had any ideas? i have searched the site, but most of the threads seem to contain the same info - and most concentrate on electronics or computers. any help would be much appreciated!



  • B195URF
    I've now found plenty of ideas (the internets a wonderful place...if you spend hours looking for what you need😒). it was thanks to a link off this site actually, suprisingly good, i must say!

    I shortlisted my ideas down to three main ideas - A UPS for a Cordless Phone, A Wireless Dorrbell using either bluetooth technology or RF, or a test box for a particular piece of equipment!

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