Browse computer through mobile using the USB CABLE

Hey guys is it possible to browse computer through mobile using the USB CABLE? Is there any way or can it be possible at all???


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Rayan - no language except English on CE, please. Unless required. We are read by people from all over the world and not everyone understands Hindi.

    To answer your question - yes. It is possible. If your mobile is Internet ready, check the manual, install the software from the CD that you got along with your mobile and connect it using your standard mini-USB - USB connector.
  • nileshchakkar
    May i say something ???
    Yes it is possible but make sure that your handset must have Internet Connectivity for the computers. Another important point is that first of all you have to subscribe to your mobile provider (GPRS- Genral purpose radio service) your mobile provider take an extra charges from you(e.g airtel 15 rs per day).
    You get a speed upto around 172 kbps for that .
  • amitgurnani
    I didn't get it why do we need internet for accessing computer from mobile using USB Cable. This is something I am also looking for. Rather than accessing Mobile from your computer, I want to access the other way round. Their should be a way since the connection is already established using the cable.
  • vijaymp
    Hi Nilesh, GPRS means general packet radio service not general purpose radio service. Correct me if I am wrong. And yes we can browse computer through mobile using USB cable. If you are using Nokia mobile then you need to install PC suite and you can connect to web.
  • amitgurnani
    I actually dont need to access the web. I just needed to access the PC as a storage device.
    Is it possible to do that?
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    @Amit: Storage device in the sense you want to save data from mobile into system? you can access your mobile using system and do it.

    @Rayan: Regarding this question , you want to access your system using mobile nice idea.
    I didnt understand the purpose of it using a USB since you can access it directly on your system.
    If you could think accessing your system with bluetooth of your system that would be interesting!!
  • Morningdot Hablu
    Morningdot Hablu
    Ya it's possible you can handle the cursor,keyboard etc.You can handle you computer by your mobile.
    There is many software in the market that provide these feature.
    I forget the name of that software but google it you must find.
  • vinod12345madhu
    if browsing means surfing on the net then yeah and i am acessing the same way. all you need do is install the pc suit of your mobile and call the operator for your settings. but remember you dont get very good sppeds always. its good only for browsing and not downloading.

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