Broadcom Launches Next-Generation HD DOCSIS 2.0 Set-Top Box

Broadcom has announced new BCM7584 platform for Multi-System Operators (MSOs) in developing markets. It claims that this platform will enable MSOs to cost-effectively deploy two-way Set Top Box (STB) solutions with High Definition (HD) and Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 2.0 capabilities. The platform has been built on Broadcom’s earlier HD cable System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and caters to the operators’ current needs for high-performance, low-cost STBs to successfully implement HD video-on-demand.

According to Broadcom, the BCM7584 is the first of its kind low-cost HD digital SoC STB that simultaneously encompasses the IP Video Server and the revolutionary Full-Band Capture technologies. The four demodulators of the system allow the user to simultaneously access DOCSIS and tune in to broadcast video, with channel flexibility up to 1Ghz. The new STBs will feature an innovation called FastRTV that will reduce channel change times to nearly zero. They also contain a 3D Graphics Processing Unit (to support advanced user interfaces using HTML5) and an Advanced Remote Cable Diagnostics (to resolve customer service issues in the minimum possible time). The platform supports state-of-the-art Conditional Access Security (CAS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies.

Keeping further development in mind, Broadcom has incorporated the Nexus-Trellis STB software in the BCM7584. It supports many middleware solutions, including the open source based Reference Development Kit (RDK), to enable rapid porting and software development. Nexus-Trellis is complemented by a large set of open application libraries supporting popular extensions like DLNA, Miracast, OpenGL, DirectFB and Gstreamer.

Key Features of BCM7584
  • With support for Broadband, Video-on-Demand, IP Video and other interactive services, it delivers a full range of value-added HD services to the subscribers.
  • Eliminates the need for additional external tuners
  • Latest DDR3 and serial flash memory for low-cost memory components
  • Integrated eSATA interface for low-cost cable STB DVR design
  • Enabled with WiFi home networking capabilities
  • Internet video streaming capabilities to multiple video devices simultaneously
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