Bringrr - A Mobile Charger For Car Keeps Track Of Your Belongings

Do you keep forgetting or misplacing things? Well, check out #-Link-Snipped-#, a mobile charger for your car which will remind you if you've not carried things like your phone, wallet, briefcase, etc. When you start your car, the Bluetooth enabled charger will search for your phone and other items. And if it doesn't find your phone, Bringrr will notify you with a flash and sound. To provide more functionality, it also contains BringTags and Bringrr App.


BringTags comes in use when you want make an item traceable by Bringrr. It is a circular tag which emits a Bluetooth signal traceable by Bringrr. The Bringrr will do a Bluetooth search of all the BringTags and if any item is not there, then a notification will pop on your phone mentioning the items which you have left behind. The BringTag consist of an interchangeable battery which last for a year. It also uses Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth low energy), which helps in reducing the battery consumption of your smartphone.


Bringrr App is available for iOS, Android and even Google Glass. The Bringrr App syncs with your phone's calendar and will remind you to bring your tagged items. The app also helps in tracking down tagged items which are misplaced. Within a range of 50-150ft, the app will guide you towards the item's location. And if you are still unable to find it, the BringTag's in-built speakers can be activated to find it by sound. The app also saves the last GPS position of the tagged item so you can easily find it even when it's not in reach. If you still can't find your item and you think you've lost it, you can simply mark the item as 'missing' and the entire Bringrr community will be discreetly searching for your item. Once it gets within the range of another Bringrr, you will receive a notification of its location. All of this is done very securely and anonymously.


Currently, the system works only in cars. The creators will be developing it for people who use different means of transport. Shipping will begin in the summer and Bringrr will cost around $29 (around Rs.1800) and each BringTag will cost around $19 (around Rs.1175).

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  • Bringrr
    Thanks for the write up, Jason. We're working hard at shipping sooner than this summer. Fingers crossed!
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    #-Link-Snipped-# - Why not showcase your project in CE's Projects section: #-Link-Snipped-# ? We've been featuring all engineering/tech and app projects from all over the world 😀
  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    A must have gadget for many people who suffer a lor by missing key things
  • Bringrr
    Kaustubh Katdare
    #-Link-Snipped-# - Why not showcase your project in CE's Projects section: #-Link-Snipped-# ? We've been featuring all engineering/tech and app projects from all over the world 😀
    looking into it, thanks for the tip!

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