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Brake Failure: What can be your immediate measure to avoid future accidents

In many Indian Movies I have seen that when brake failure happens they struggle for a long time and hit on the lamp post/a tree or it may lead to accident.I have an doubt kindling my head for a long time that during a brake failure ,why dont they switch off their ignition key to stop the vehicle?
If not please suggest the correct reason and correct measure to overcome brake failure.
please suggest your answer
zaveri • Jun 22, 2013
Turning of the ignition key will only kill the engine, but the vehicle will keep moving due to inertia.
zaveri • Jun 22, 2013
the method to stop the vehicle immediately would be to first kill the engine, press down the clutch pedal, shift to first gear, then release the clutch pedal.

but then i think that would only crank the engine and re-start it.

a second solution which i can think of is that the above steps, can be followed and instead of shifting to first gear, we shift to the reverse gear.

now what do the automobile experts feel about this ? tagging white_hat
Anand Tamariya
Anand Tamariya • Jun 22, 2013
Couple of things to remember in a modern car:
- One can't engage reverse gear while the vehicle is moving
- If engine revs above a threshold, it automatically cuts off the fuel supply. So vehicle only drags due to inertia and will ultimately stop.
a second solution which i can think of is that the above steps, can be followed and instead of shifting to first gear, we shift to the reverse gear.

now what do the automobile experts feel about this ? tagging white_hat
The gear plates will break.

Tell me more about the conditions in which they were driven
1)On level road
2)In a slope(while climbing)-What will happen?
3)In a slope (while driving downwords),,,,.........😁
Is there any technology to increase the friction between the tyre and the road on emergency conditions?(INCASE OF BRAKE FAILURE).
Jeffrey Arulraj
Jeffrey Arulraj • Jun 22, 2013
While climbing up the slope the net reversal force is capable of stopping the car even without a front brake In this condition Clutch itself can be used to safely halt a car

In case of levelled road we can use clutch and first gear combo

Other condition not sure
lovebox • Jun 22, 2013
Movies are meant to raise the adrenaline levels of the audience so they have to show something other than ordinary.
A situation where brakes of a vehicle fail may turn disastrous if the reaction time available is too short, or, if the person driving the car is not attentive enough.

Mostly brake failures can be handled without getting nervous and not losing one's common sense. The following steps can be useful in case you discover that your car has suffered from brake-failure:

  1. Do not panic and keep your eyes on the road.
  2. Disengage the accelerator (throttle) pedal.
  3. Try to apply the hand-brake gently and not with a sudden jerk. It might work if the rear brakes have not failed completely.
  4. Turn on emergency warning blinkers and the headlights of the car to warn others. Also sound your horn constantly.
  5. Do not switch-off the engine as it might disable the power steering and make it harder for you to control your car.
  6. Gradually shift the gears to lower ones. If your car is within 60 kmph shift down two gears at a time, otherwise shifting down one gear at a time is better.
  7. Meanwhile keep pumping the brake pedal constantly. It might respond, albeit slower than usual.
  8. Try to take the tyres of one side (either left or right) over some rough surface such as gravel or grass (preferred) to slow down the car.
  9. If there is not much congestion on the road ahead and if sufficient width is available, try to meander the car to give it more distance to slow down without much displacement.
  10. If you are on a downhill slope and you realize that your car's brakes have failed, then in addition to the above-mentioned steps, also try to look for a divider or a railing along which you can let the side your car rub to further slow it down. If you still find it hard to stop the car then try to locate a tree or trees with trunks that don't have too much girth to crash in from one side without excessive damage.
Most importantly, drive at speeds you can safely control and pay attention to the speed limits of the zone where you are driving. And yes, PLEASE FASTEN THE SEAT BELT. Drive slowly when it rains as braking is not optimally effective in that situation.
Happy Driving!😀
zaveri • Jun 23, 2013
The gear plates will break.

I dont think so.

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