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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jun 6, 2012

Brain Wave Meter From Keio University Can Tell If You Are Concentrating Or Not

This new piece of technology developed by Keio University will let you take a peek into your own mind. Researchers at this university have come up with a simple brain-wave meter that is capable of identifying whether a person is showing interest, concentration, desire, stress, or sleepiness in real time. It does so by measuring brain waves only at a position known as FP1. These are responsible for determining how emotions are expressed. The interesting point is that for analyzing the brain's performance, instead of taking look at the theta waves, these researchers are using intensity of frequencies to determine the behavior. For example, 11 Hz and 17 Hz are important frequencies for sleepiness.


Keio University's researchers have devised an algorithm for analyzing the combinations of single frequencies in human brain. So, now this brain wave meter can tell if you are reading with concentration or feeling really sleepy or are just too stressful. Furthermore, since this device works in real time, if you are watching a TV commercial and you hate it, the device will detect it right away.

Another amazing application could be that of 'futuristic communication', where a cellphone could text what you're thinking, eliminating the need of typing altogether. Quite useful, eh? Check out a video of the brain wave meter from DigInfo -

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