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Question asked by Ramasamy Mariappan in #Robotics on Mar 31, 2016
Ramasamy Mariappan
Ramasamy Mariappan · Mar 31, 2016
Project Abstract / Summary : There are numerous technologies developed for the physically disabled people to support their life. The existing technologies such as RF wireless controlled Robots and GSM controlled robots which can perform the task based on the commands sent physically or manually, which is greatly applicable to a normal person or little disabled person. But, the development of suitable technology for fully disabled or paralyzed people to live without depending on other people is a challenging one. Brainwave interface in robotics is a new era in scientific revolution and this is one of the growing research field. This Project addresses the challenging issue of paralyzed people using an innovative method of using their Brain wave to control Robot to move around. Human brain produces different brain wave frequencies such as alpha, beta, gamma, etc. but the frequency of that wave is very less than 50Hz. It is proposed to use Neurosky’s Wireless electroencephalogram (EEG) to acquire the brain wave signals directly from the brain. After processing the brain wave signal, the beta type brain waves (attention level) are extracted and then transmitted to the robotic control board using Bluetooth.

The beta brain wave is received into the Robot control board, which is raspberry Pi board, which has Broadcom BCM 2835 application processor, operating at 1GHz frequency with ARM11 core CPU and 512MB of RAM. The received beta brain wave is of small magnitude and hence amplified first and then these signals are converted into respected commands to operate the robot in the desired direction with obstacle sensing, etc, by giving the instruction just by thinking. In this way, the proposed project helps the paralyzed people to move around seamlessly, while they are on the bed the same brain waves are used to control the home appliances such as light, fan, etc, through Bluetooth brain wave transceiver. This proposed innovative idea of Brain wave controlled robot can also be applied for driving the car with brain wave based commands and ultrasonic long distance ranging sensors to collision with other vehicles.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : There are many kinds of physically disabled people around the world, for them different technologies evolved to support their life. But, there are people who are paralysed and unable to move any physical movements but their brain waves are still active and capable to do the appropriate control. This project is proposed to help such paralysed people to move around with an aid of Robot which is fully controlled by their brain wave signal. This Project has good scope among the elder people as well as paralyzed one.

Project Highlights : This Project finds the solution for elder people or paralyzed people who are unable to move around, without depending on other persons. This Project will have a high social impact and good scope of application among the elder people community as well as paralyzed people. Hence, we hope that our Project should win the contest.

Project Category : Robotics / RC / Automation
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Robotics

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