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digiguy7970 • Oct 10, 2008

Booting to DOS from EEE pc


Let me first of all describe what i am trying to do. I hope after reading this you people will not deviate from the subject -instead will help me with my problem.

Situation :-

---> Am having EEE pc (4 Gb), 8 GB USB , 2 GB SD memory card,And i dont have any other pc with me (please dont suggest to use any other pc - i know that can help me - but i need a solution to this problem without using any other PC - but only EEE pc.) . My EEE laptop dont have CD rom. And i want a help with the things that i have.

AIM :-

Right now the default Linux distro is installed in my EEE pc.
I am having an intention to install win XP, 98 and even windows 3.1.

The reason why i want to install win 3.1 is - that earlier some 7-8 years ago i was having that OLD kind of PC with win 3.1 installed. I liked it very much those days. Also in that PC, DOS was there installed already, thus i learned everything related to DOS as well.

Now, i am planning to install win 3.1 and look how fast it is in EEE pc - i don't worry about connecting to internet or such things- i just wanna install win 3.1 - i have the setup files with me - I know how to install any OS like win 98 , or Win xp - if i am in the DOS - but i donno how can i install DOS using my EEE pc - and i dont have any other computer for my help - thats the situtation (pls consider it) - NOW I AM ASKING YOUR HELP TO INSTALL DOS - OR BOOT TO DOS SO THAT I CAN INSTALL ANY OS LIKE WIN XP,, 98 OR EVEN 3.1 . Yes, i know the procedure to be followed after i get into DOS.

I am expecting a Step by step explanation. I think win 98 allows to format floppy disk and it automatically copies the necessary files that is needed to boot to DOS (called as Bootdisk)- It would be really helpful if anyone can gimme those files - so that i can copy them to my USB and then boot (but i am having doubt whether i can boot by copying those files to USB - because i dont think it will work in USB like in Floppy disk)...
So friends please help me .....


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