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lapputappu • Feb 6, 2010

boost converter

hiii friends i m making a practical model of boost converter ...
V r trying to boost 24 v d.c to 300 v d.c ......
so plz if any body can help me in this to make my project tell me first wot r the basic things i m gonna need ?
Actually i have worked on the software model of this project which was quite appreciable...
u can go through the software model ..
now if u help me i'll be quite grateful to u.....

wot else u wanna kno in the technical terms jst tell me ...
Codex Guides
Codex Guides • Feb 7, 2010
I would think the first thing you're going to need is a controller IC. I'd start with Linear Technology to see if they have anything suitable. The chip you use will determine all the other components that you'll need.

- CG
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lapputappu • Feb 7, 2010
i went through the website. it was undeterminable for me to find from this website
plz give me detail .or tell me wot u wanna tell me
Codex Guides
Codex Guides • Feb 8, 2010
A quick search shows the LT3757 will boost up to 350V.

Click here for the data sheet. You'll have to read through it to see if it's OK for your application or not.

- CG
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lapputappu • Mar 18, 2010
v r trying to run a three phase 1 hp motor of 220v ,6 amp ,50 hz. so as per ur calculations it needs 46.75amp current .how it can be attained ?
smone has also told me y dnt u r doin it with 1kw inverter .all u wud hav to do is change the transformer winding for three phase output.but wot d prblm with it is v r getting a quasi sine wave output wch is producing humming now wot can u help ?
ur ideas are most welcomed.

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