BOOKS-our best friends???

Now,we have been hearing that "BOOKS ARE OUR BEST FRIENDS" but how many of us really have maintained that friendship with books?😕


  • Differential
    Yeah, I believe that book are friends ! I read books, though frequency and speed not too good. As and when I get time, I prefer reading.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Can someone suggest an easy way to get rid of dust from books? I tried wiping with tissue, but the dust just gets rubbed into the edges of the pages.. sorta makes a smudge 😔

    Maybe its time to get a portable vacuum kinda thing.
  • sherya mathur
    sherya mathur
    yes I am fully agree with the sentance that "Books are our best friend"
    I love to read books
    books make our character and make the society on being silent.
    I make my library of books which I like.
    I can not live without books whenever I got free time I used to
    read novels and story books and funny books
  • sushant005
    yes, its very true that books are our best friend.
    Apart from my couse books i used to read motivational books and novels as well.
    I love to read books whenever i got free time.
    Books are our true friends. These never demand from us. Indeed when we felt alone these makes us feel good.
  • Deepika Bansal
    Deepika Bansal
    Yes i too agree that the books are our best friends.......they provide us the company when we are alone.......
    besides the nature of a person can be judged by the nature of books s/he reads...............

    But since i have started dedicating much of my time to my computers and my project, i am not finding time to read books........
  • eelectrichuman
    books are our best friends.they provide with a whole new experience than other things
  • ritesh05
    yes i too agree , Book help us to increase our imagination and make us aware that there are alot things have to be done ultimately give us our goal for what we have born .
  • scottaleger
    Yes this is true...................................
  • ShrinkDWorld
    Yes it is true. If book is written in user friendly language,then it is best choice!
    I likes book because we can collect knowledge whenever we want it. They never tired to explain things!

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