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Boiler Accessories
Boiler accessories are those components which are
installed either inside or outside the boiler to increase the
efficiency of the plant and to help in the proper working
of the plant.
Various boiler accessories are:
1) Air Preheater
2) Economizer
3) Superheater
4) Feed Pump
5) Injector
@ISHAN TOPRE • 23 Jan, 2011 1) Air Preheater ( Tubular Type)
• Waste heat recovery device in which the air to on its way to the furnace is heated utilizing the heat of exhaust gases
• The function of air pre-heater is to increase the temperature of air before enters the furnace.
• It is generally placed after the economizer; so the flue gases passes through the economizer and then to the air preheater.
• An air-preheater consists of plates or tubes with hot gases on one side and air on the other.
• It preheats the to be supplied to the furnace. Preheated air accelerates the combustion and facilitates the burning of coal.
Degree of Preheating depends on:
(i) Type of fuel, (ii) Type of fuel burning equipment, and (iii) Rating at which the boiler and furnaces are operated.
There are three types of air preheaters :
1. Tubular type 2. Plate type 3. Storage type.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 23 Jan, 2011 Economizer
• Function: It is a device in which the waste heat of the flue gases is utilsed for heating the feed water.
• To recover some of the heat being carried over by exhaust gases.
This heat is used to raise the temperature of feed water supplied to the boiler.
• Advantages :
i) The temperature range between various parts of the boiler is reduced which results in reduction of stresses due to unequal expansion.
ii) If the boiler is fed with cold water it may result in chilling the boiler metal.
iii) Evaporative capacity of the boiler is increased.
iv) Overall efficiency of the plant is increased.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 23 Jan, 2011 Super heater
• The function of super heater is to increase the temperature of the steam above its saturation point.
• To superheat the steam generated by boiler.
• Super heaters are heat exchangers in which heat is transferred to the saturated steam to increase its temperature.
• Superheated steam has the following
advantages :
i) Steam consumption of the engine or turbine is reduced.
ii) Losses due to condensation in the cylinders and the steam pipes are reduced.
iii)Erosion of turbine blade is eliminated.
iv) Efficiency of steam plant is increased.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 23 Jan, 2011 Feed Pump
• The feed pump is a pump which is used to deliver feed water to the boiler.
• Double feed pump is commonly employed for medium size boilers.
• The reciprocating pump are continuously run by steam from the same boiler to which water is to be fed.
• Rotary feed pumps are of centrifugal type and are commonly run either by a small steam turbine or by an electric motor
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@freak16 • 25 Jan, 2011 Could you please explain what is optimiser in boiler?
@ISHAN TOPRE • 25 Jan, 2011 An optimiser in boiler is a temperature contrilleer.It senses the temperature and gives the required feedback to working machinery in the boiler.I is an electrical device.
This is all I can tell.If you have more information freak16(or anyone)please share it.😀
@freak16 • 25 Jan, 2011 thanks a lot ishu
and Boiler Mountings are the device necessary for controllling and safe action of boilers.
Boiler accessories are only to improve its efficciency as ishu said.. and they are optional but mountings are not..
ishu we can discuss the boiler mountings also..
wat say.
@ISHAN TOPRE • 26 Jan, 2011 Yes freak actually ,Rightly said.😀I have contributed whatever little knowledge I have in the following URL
@Arp • 09 Feb, 2011 optimiser i suppose whatever u say it is absolutely right ishu but it is especially there to reduce and have a control over the temperature of the water going to feed water pump(in case it is not designed for heavy temperature).
but it is totally absent in all the industrial plant because with this they are compromising with their efficiency and this temp is not like it can be increased suddenly too much as it is just after at the outlet of economiser.
@Ankita Katdare • 19 Mar, 2014 Super useful discussion. I feel like sticking this at the top of the section. 👍 We do need more of these!
@zaveri • 14 Apr, 2014 Fusible plug:

It is a consumable device used for protecting the boiler tube/shell from overheating.
It is a plug like device made up of a material with a low melting point. this is used to plug a hole in the boiler shell present at the bottom where the shell is being heated by the fire from the furnace, and when the water level in the shell falls to a very low level, then the plug melts, and causes the water to flow out via the hole, into the fire in the furnace and hence extinguish it.
@Ramani Aswath • 14 Apr, 2014 Every pressure cooker with Indian Standard certification also has this MSP (Metallic Safety Plug). It has to be made of non toxic alloys (Tin-Bismuth-Zinc) with a melting point of 129 C, corresponding to a steam pressure of about 1.6 bar gauge.
If the cooker valve regulator malfunctions or the cooker runs dry this plug melts releasing pressure. However, It does not put out the fire, which can be hazardous if the gas is still on. Also the cooker may be on another kind of heat source like induction or electric top.
@astha jain • 18 Sep, 2014 can u tell me which one is paced before
i mean superheater,economiser or air preheater
@Shubham Khaire • 19 Sep, 2015 1.Super heater
3.Air pre-heater !!!
@Er Armani Singh Bisht • 19 Sep, 2015
can u tell me which one is paced before
i mean superheater,economiser or air preheater
basically we use air preheater before but according to the requirement u can use others accessories too
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