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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 19, 2012

Bluegape - IIT Kanpur Student Startup - Order Posters Online In India

Final year student Sahil Baghla and second year student Ayush Varshney have founded - a service that lets you order posters online in India. In the last 5 months, the company has sold over 5k posters all over India and now two more students from IIT have joined the team to make it successful.

Sahil says that the founders had difficulty in finding the posters of their choice and thought of filling the gap. They sent an email to all IIT K students through internal network and asked if they'd be interested in buying. The duo received a positive response from their friends and the service was launched. The team sold over 2k posters within IIT-K!

On, customers can either upload their own photographs or choose from the existing set of photographs available on the site. Each poster costs Rs. 100 plus Rs. 30 as shipping charge.

My thought: The idea isn't innovative, yet it solves the problem for most of the students looking to buy cool posters for their dorm rooms. One major problem I see however is the copyright associated with the images available on the site. I'm not sure how the team is handling it and if the company grows, the copyright could be an issue.

If the founders are reading this, we'd be keen to know their experience and how are they planning to grow the business. 😀
How hard is it to just to the nearest Internet Cafe / Photo Studio to get a poster printed out in whatever size on whatever kind of photographic paper / sheet ?
I'm not impressed. 👎

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