• Engineers from the Swansea University, College of Engineering team have been working on the supersonic car project - The BLOODHOUND SSC for quite some time now. In a recent paper, that they published in the Journal of Automobile Engineering, they've described the aerodynamic characteristics of traveling at 1,000 miles per hour. What is being called the most most exciting and dynamic engineering challenge, the Bloodhound SSC project is gripped the attention of all automobile enthusiasts over the world. When driven at such an incredible speed, simulations now show how the car shall cope with the supersonic rolling ground, rotating wheels and resulting shock waves in close proximity to the test surface.

    To achieve efficiency at such a speed, the supersonic car's designers have created the most advanced fusion of space, aeronautical and Formula 1 engineering ever attempted. Yep. The primary challenges faced by the team behind the project include drag minimization and vertical aerodynamic force control for a safe record attempt. To increase the Land Speed Record (LSR) attempt of this kind by more than 30% - the team had to start all over again from the bare minimums. They had to approach the the designing process by a completely new way of thinking.


    The university has been working on the computational fluid dynamics of the project, developing models of the aerodynamic flows that BLOODHOUND will experience. Using this data, the vehicle design shall be influenced a lot. The aspects such as front wheel configuration, the jet engine intake shaping, the shape of the nose, rear wheel fairings and wing shape and size -has all been subject to design change thanks to the CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) modelings.

    Furthermore, the team realized that the problem was more difficult to deal with at the rear end of the car, rather than keeping the nose down at the front. (as you can see from the picture above). We have been closely following the #-Link-Snipped-#. We even had an Mark Chapman - Bloodhound SSC: The 1000mph Engineering Adventure, the Chief Engineer of Project Bloodhound to tell us everything about the Supersonic car.

    As of now, the car is aiming to attempt the high speed test runs of up to 800mph next year. The iconic 1,000mph attempt will happen two years down the line in 2016. We are very excited about the results. How about you? Share with us in comments below.

    Source: #-Link-Snipped-#
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  • Rajni Jain

    MemberApr 13, 2014

    AWESOME this is... Hats off.
    Sometimes, I wonder that if there is any end of the science and the innovations?

    The other side of me thinks, Even If they will achieve the speed of 1000 miles/Hr. will there be any place where they can make a use of it?
    Was it really worth to spend millions of dollars on this type of a project?
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