MemberAug 13, 2011

    Blogging Tips And Queries

    Blogging I feel is an effective medium of communicating our feelings and thoughts to others. It is a rather lethal effective than Facebook in many ways. However there are many debatable points in this too.

    Let us share a few tips and tricks of how to start your blogging.

    Step I] Open a word press account. You can either register for a free account or have a paid one. The most popular blogging services are #-Link-Snipped-# and #-Link-Snipped-# 😀 I recommend Wordpress, I have been using it since a while. 😀

    Step II] Set a theme of writing, the theme should be such that you should be regular in writing. You should be able to produce original content on a regular basis.

    Step III] Maintain regularity!

    Do not forget to share your blogging tips and queries and experiences with everyone
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorAug 14, 2011

    There's a new tool that's rapidly becoming popular and it's - micro-blogging. I'm not talking about twitter. I'm talking about Tumblr. Tumblr offers many advantages over traditional blogging in a sense that if you only wish to share a link with your users you can do so without writing some text around the link. If you wish to share a photo or video, there are ready made tools in Tumblr to help you do that. Explore Tumblr 😀
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    MemberAug 14, 2011

    I have identified a problem with the free registered blog. We are unable to manipulate dimensions of images. 😔
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  • Deepika Bansal

    MemberAug 16, 2011

    One tip from my side as well- " Maintain originality. Don't be a copy cat."
    Happy blogging.😀
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