BJP Blackberry App: BJP For India App Available For Download (Link)

Political parties in India won't leave a stone turned to reach out to the potential voters and woo them. The political party that's been constantly leveraging digital media for its campaign is the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). BJP did spend lot of money on their campaigns for the last Loksabha elections and it's now taking steps to be on your Blackberry mobile phones so that you get latest news and updates. The BJP Blackberry App description reads as follows -

BJP is a major political party in India, founded in 1980. This application is an attempt to bring the party closer to the people and provides LIVE information on various areas: -

Videos - Latest events - Information about BJP & its history - Ability to send feedback to the party - Join the party by registering on a simple form - Connect to BJP Facebook fan page - Pictures, Speeches, Others.

The app is currently in version 1.0.0 and costs ~6044kb of your bandwidth. The app has been developed by Unikove. The minimum requirements to run the app are BB OS 5.0.0 or higher.

Download the app:
Free BJP For India - Download BJP For India - Free Apps from BlackBerry App Worldell us your opinion about the app and whether you think this app will actually help BJP reach voters.


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