Biosensor Will Tell You When To Stop Pumping Iron

Biosensors aren't new, but the latest biosensor that sticks to your skin like a temporary tattoo is capable of alerting the marathoners, competitive bikers and other other extreme sports people when they're about to bonk or 'hit the wall'. The journal Analytical Chemistry describes that the first human tests of the sensor have been successfully conducted. These sensors would tell soldiers who engage in intense exercise when to stop.


Researcher Joseph Wang and his team explains that the the biosensor monitors lactate aka a type of lactic acid released in sweat. The lactate forms in the body when the muscles need more energy than what the body can supply through natural aerobic respiration. When the body shifts to anaerobic metabolism, lactic acid and lactate appears. This does help for a while, but it's a strong indication that the physical exercise must be stopped. The current ways of monitoring lactate are complicated and require blood samples; which means results can't be obtained instantly. Wang and his team wanted to discover a better approach.

The biosensor they've developed is the first of its kind that sticks to your skin like a tattoo and even flexes with body movements. Tests were conducted on ten volunteers and the sensor delivered very promising results.

Read more about the project on source link.

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