Biometric Systems Aboard Drones Will Ensure Secure Delivery Of Cargo In UAE

A while back when Amazon announced their ambitious plan of Amazon Prime Air, India & Whether Flipkart Should Launch Similar Service?, people across the world first expressed their concerns and then started making jokes about safe delivery of products. As Amazon Prime Air drones await FAA approval, the United Arab Emirates government has come up with a high-tech way to secure the cargo that is being delivered by drones. They plan to add biometric systems such as fingerprint and retina scanners to make sure that the goods are delivered securely to the intended receiver. The reason for this level of security is because unlike Amazon’s drones they will be responsible for delivering something that is more sensitive.


Drones are being introduced in the UAE by the government to deliver government documents such as driving licences to the citizens. They shall also be used to deliver emergency medicine supplies. Two prototype drones were unveiled at the government summit yesterday. Dr Noah Raford who is the special adviser to the Office of the UAE Prime Minister informed to the press that these drones will cost around 4,000 Emirati Dirham (approx Rs. 67,872.31) and will be able to carry loads of up to 1.5 kilograms for up to three kilometres at a maximum speed of 40 kph. The drones will be tested in the city of Dubai for six months and about a year later shall be employed across the country.

The question now arises is the system foolproof or does it need some more improvements? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: #-Link-Snipped-# via Retina-scanning drones will make deliveries in Dubai - The Verge


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