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biomedical waste concerete

Question asked by Saravanan.D in #Coffee Room on Mar 28, 2016
Saravanan.D ยท Mar 28, 2016
Project Abstract / Summary : Sir
In world most of medical waste are disposing like medicine . especially in india, in that we have many chemicals in it .if we take particularly calcium medium we have plenty of medicine in it . take and add in right proportion . it definitely it archives is strength. If its archives its strength then we can use in pavement blocks and we can use for roof and floors and ceiling .

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Because I like do some thing different and at same time I like to learn some thing old in to new that's y I chooses this topics . main reason is IN MY HOME EVERY MONTH IM DISPOSING LOTS OF MEDICINE SO IM JUST EAGER AND WILLINGNESS TO USE IN IT THATS ONLK Y I TRIED THIS

Project Highlights : I'm not aware or fear for winning this price I'm participating for my mind and heart .before that I'm just doing this experiment for my mind and also to destroy lazinessbof mine . after that I got email so I'm just trying for it . so I don't care about winning

Project Category : Civil / Structural
Institute/College Name: jeppiar college
City: chennai
State: tamilnadhu
Participating Team From: Second Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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