Billing store application using C programming language

Following question has been asked by CEan @#-Link-Snipped-# through contact us email. I'm posting it here for all the experts. Here it goes -

I need your help if you can help me to get the code for below requirement as I can see there are lots of programming person you have as a member in this site, below are my requirements:

Come up with a C billing application for a Store.
The application should do the following at a high level

1. Login and add/delete users
2. Billing
3. Supervisor functionalities

1. Login Screen

When use enters user name and password in the login screen should be matched against
and encrypted flat file and allowed access if match is successful for userid
Not of invalid attempts should be logged and id disabled when more than consecutive 5 attempts

2. Billing screen
a. Once logged in normal users are directed to a screen which allows
i. Prod code to be typed in
ii. Or selected from a menu
b. Selected items to be displayed at the bottom with prices picked up from table or flat file.
c. Total should be recalculated on enter of new items
d. Save should save the unique bill code, total amount and user details in table or file with datetime

3. Supervisor login id get menu item for the following
a. Summary of transactions for any given date
b. Able to email the report to email id entered
c. Add/delete users
i. Supervisor id should allowed to update new users to encrypted password file GUI
ii. Supervisor id should be allowed to delete new users from encrypted password file entered with GUI

d. Price update screen
i. Allows supervisors to change the price of products in table/flatfile
ii. Once prices are saved , cache should be refreshed

Following points should be kept in mind for the entire application

• All the reference data should be cached when the program comes up into a linked list
• Search for a product code in the linked list should be implemented thru a binary search
• All operations performed by application should be logged
• All dynamically memory allocated memory should be freed after use.
• Proper synchronization methods such as semophores should be implemented to avoid locks in the table/file.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    @#-Link-Snipped-# - We don't know what help you are expecting from us. We won't provide you with ready made code, but would surely love to see what you've come up with so far on your own; and where exactly you are stuck. 😀

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