Bill Gates retires from Microsoft - Watch the video

The man who revolutionized the whole personal computing era retired from Microsoft. Watch the video here:


Good Bye, Bill!


  • Mayur Pathak
    Mayur Pathak
    Hmmm, I read an article in ET yesterday about the mighty Bill. He is looking forward to promote and work for the charitable organisation, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, biggest NGO in US. Well he is not going to be completely out of scene though. He will still be on the board as a non-executive director.

    So CEans... what do you think? Is it a loss or a gain for the world? Or neither?
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    So CEans... what do you think? Is it a loss or a gain for the world? Or neither?
    Well, I don't think its a loss or a gain. Bill had a role to play and he played it very well. The world will remember him for his contribution to personal computing.

    Hats off to you Bill - you'll be my (/our) hero all the time! [​IMG]

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