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Big data Analytics study using advanced cluster computing framework of APACHE SPARK.

Question asked by Murali krishna Gangineni in #Coffee Room on Mar 19, 2016
Murali krishna Gangineni
Murali krishna Gangineni · Mar 19, 2016
Project Abstract / Summary : This project is analyzing huge amount of data using "APACHE SPARK" , an advanced cluster computing frame work for BIG DATA. Big data analytics using Apache Spark is being famous among many companies as it provides faster analysis of huge amount of data generated from various sources and to get the desired results . Apache Spark has become famous due to its "in memory cluster computing" which provides 100x faster computing than the existing big data platforms such as HADOOP. It has also ecosystems which include iterative algorithms for machine learning, graph processing libraries and especially "Live Stream Processing " support

which is not provided by HADOOP and which is very useful for processing of live streaming data.


Our interest in this project is to take a real world huge DATA-SETS and to run them on SPARK , and to extract useful information from the huge data sets, in typically a lesser processing time. what information we extract depends on the data set we consider , and currently we are learning and analyzing how to work with the APACHE SPARK.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : As in the today's world huge amount of data is being generated day by day, it is needed to analyze such huge data for large companies to estimate consumer behaviour, also in Medical field, and many other fields, data analytics based on big data is an important advanced research in the data anlytics, where research aims at developing tools which are efficient and which takes less processing time in processing huge amounts of data.
Hence , the advanced big data framework of APACHE SPARK, which is already being implemented and are supported for development and research by many big companies around the world such as IBM, AMAZON, GOOGLE etc.

Project Highlights : Big data analytics has been linked with our day to day life from "placing of relevant ads by GOOGLE on the web pages based on the user's browsing", to "Wheather forecasting ". We don't say that our project has to win this contest, but we as "computer science graduates", We want to learn & contribute to big data analytics which is going to play a considerable impact on our lives in the future and as "APACHE SPARK", the advanced and effecient big data frame work has very less developers & Contributors as of now and hence we want to learn and contribute to it.

Project Category : CS / IT / Networking
Institute/College Name: National institute of technology, Raipur
City: raipur
State: chattisgarh
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Coffee Room
Irfan Amin
Irfan Amin · May 16, 2016
Rank D3 - MASTER
I am also interested in Big Data Analysis can you suggest me how can i adopt this path. Currently I learnt about architectures like Fermi, Kepler etc
Looking for your kind response.
-Irfan Amin

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