Bicycle Created by printing it out on a computer

The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Group in Bristol,Britain,made the bicycle.The bicycle which is made up of nylon is as strong as steel and aluminium,but weighs 65 percent less.
The scientists designed the bicycle on a computer and sent it to a printer,which placed layers of melted nylon powder on top of each other to build up the machine.The new bicycle,named named Airbike,is a single complete part unlike the ordinary bicycles which are assembled into a finished one using different individual components.
The 3D printing method allows products to be made from fine powder of nylon,carbon-reinforced plastics or metals such as titanium,steel or aluminium.The technology may be isd in aerospace,motor industry and engineering.
For more details:
Go on, print me a bike! The technology that enables a computer to run off a full-working cycle | Daily Mail Online


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