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akpower • Aug 12, 2011

Better heat transfer fluid other than water in power generation

Presently water (treated) is extensively used worldwide in thermal power generation .The three factors mainly in favor of water being 1) abundantly available in nature 2) can be converted in all three forms viz.liquid,gaseous, & solid. 3)heat can be stored & released as per Universal gas equation.i.e. P V = m R T. However in continuing development on fronts of Heat Transfer; there might be other fluids which may have better heat transfer properties which when used instead of water may benefit in achieving higher electrical generation for the same quantity of fluid. Also it may reduce cost of water treatment plant,auxiliary consumption, blow downs etc etc. Request to enlighten on this subject😲
I'll have a look into this, as far as I'm aware water is the best coolant there is. Water Glycol mixtures and salt water don't conduct was well as natural or fresh water. de-ionized water may be one possible solution but I'll have to check with my engineers to make sure I'm not getting my wires crossed!
Water is safe for the environment. It is non toxic. It has high specific and latent heat. It has a low enough viscosity. It is incombustible and non hazardous. Can be recycled totally. In thermal power generation the gas side coefficients control the design. Water has high enough film coefficient.
The cost of all other liquids as a replacement for water including all factors will be much more. As of now it is water that is the optimal choice.

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