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@Saijayadeep • 23 Dec, 2013 • 2 likes

Hello CEans,

One or the other time we come across good websites to practice aptitude,verbal,English and generally asked competitive questions(Written Test)..shall we make a list of the websites that will help us in present and future.

Starting with me..


CrazyEngineers is launching Aptitude Tests in the next 2-4 days. Make sure that you've joined us! Make sure that whenever you are stuck at any question post it here and make the thread more fruitful. Conditions apply* Make sure that it is not meant for ads.Doing such things is strictly prohibited in CE

@renuz2015 • 05 Feb, 2015 • 1 like

CrazyEngineers is a good site for practicing aptitude as well as verbal ability questions.😀

@sheenaq • 10 Mar, 2015

From my experience CrazyEngineers is the best site for practicing aptitude and verbal aptitude questions categorized in different difficulty levels.

@Himanshu Bhojak • 08 Apr, 2015 Hey guys is a very good web portal to practice aptitude questions and for video tutorials....home apti home home
@Haman • 10 Jun, 2016

I am practicing aptitude questions and giving prac tests on and i found it good.

@Promise • 16 Jun, 2016

I think CE is a very good website for aptitude test I recommend it.

@DeepaGowtham • 24 Jun, 2016 there are some other websites like m4maths for aptitude and geek for geeks for technical aptitude questions and answers.
@Ankita Katdare • 28 Jun, 2016 Looks like everyone is using this space to advertise their own websites. Hmm.
@Rahulemate • 15 Dec, 2016

For basic Aptitude questions, the RS Agrawal is the best source. For banking (IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk and etc), according to my knowledge indiabix is the best site.

I think CrazyEngineers is undoubtedly is one of the best i have ever visited, which is offering free aptitude questions with explanations in English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu languages.

@Ankita Katdare • 14 Jan, 2019 • 1 like

I think that it's time we launch aptitude practice tests on CrazyEngineers. I am sure students would find it helpful to take aptitude tests online in their study time. 

@Ankita Katdare • 26 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

Whoa, can't believe the last update here was in January 2019. Much has happened on CrazyEngineers since then. Wondering if now is the right time to launch aptitude + technical skills tests on CrazyEngineers.

Any suggestions on what kind of features you want from an online tests platform? We already have many available options across the internet. Have you used any? If yes, what kind of improvements can we make and make a better platform for all engineers?

Requesting suggestions from all!

@Divisha Madupalli • 26 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

There sites like Indiabix which have many aptitude questions . 

If the CrazyEngg want to implement aptitude it would be nice to have it in a interactive form like knowing what the option the user enter and the reason why they have opted for that option .They must be free to tell the reason of they have chose it by a  guess.

CE already keeps some quizzes on aptitude .They can make those quizzes a little regular and have separate page for it .

@Jai Patel • 26 Dec, 2019

To be honest I never preferred any website to practice aptitude rather I prefer books to practice aptitude

Following might help you with this

1.MCA Entrance book

2.MBA books and test papers

3.Go back to school - Refer School Math & Mental Math books

4.CA Entrance book on aptitude 

5.CAT aptitude and reasoning 

and so on.

You can refer soft copy of the above online. However if still you want to refer online check below websites




@MUSKAN SHAIKH • 26 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

There is a lots of websites to practice aptitude , technical questions but  if crazy engineering is going to launch aptitude practice or online test. Crazy engineering is used by lots of engineers So, it will be helpful to engineers to learn aptitude because in every placement drive there is a Aptitude round everyone is facing difficulty to crack that round because they don't know how to crack that so if you launch it will be useful to get shortcut trick to crack that round.

@Rashmi Gandhi • 26 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

According to me @Ankita Katdare we need an online test system on CrazyEngineers, where one can get complete analysis of correct answers. The test can be timed, so that it simulates real time test environment! If we prepare for college campus or for jobs in general as well as for competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, NEET etc. we will need a dedicated place where all kinds of questions are catered.. with all sorts of difficulty levels. So, if I know I am an average person in aptitude, I can just go for the advanced level tests. If I am just a beginner, I can go for some basic level stuff. Logical reasoning question + verbal aptitude questions will be a GREAT starting point.

@Ankita Katdare • 26 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

Those are some really good ideas. We have some of those features on our planned list. We really need to know how we can improve on existing systems and offer something valuable for all our users. Hundreds of engineers spend quality time on CrazyEngineers and I feel they can make a better use of their time if they have a lot of stuff to 'practice', 'test' and improve upon -> i.e. mathematical skills, verbal skills as well as technical skills. 

If we have branch wise test series, every one can test their knowledge of tools/software/subjects and get global rating for their skills. This way users can improve their profile on CrazyEngineers and become subject matter experts to help out fellow engineers on various groups.

I would love to hear more thoughts on this. What do you expect an online platform should offer you when you want to test your skills (for resume/profile) or practice for an upcoming exam? Please share your suggestions below.

@Kavya Burramolla • 26 Dec, 2019 • 5 likes

That’s great idea Ankitha Katdare to start branch wise test series.

Firstly I would like to suggest the RS Agarwal for improving Aptitude, verbal reasoning. The formulae and methodology of solving is quite simple and easy to remember as well apply at the time of exams. If one doesn’t wish to refer a book, then I’d suggest online sites like Aptitude Questions and Answers - IndiaBIX for both aptitude and also techinical.

There are lot many questions and solved problems that can help you to practice more. Firstly learn the basic logic like how to solve, there may be multiple methods in solving a problem but the ultimate goal would be to arrive at the correct answer.

The basic problem learning in websites is that there are multiple websites and each use their own methodology in solving problems. When we try learning from different websites there is a possibility that we learn different methods of solving and apply any one method and solve the problem in less time with accuracy, also there might be a chance where we end up applying different methods with each different answers and none of them are right. Both cases are possible.

So, I strongly recommend when you are in a learning phase first completely learn and practice from one website it can be either Indiabix, AMCAT previous year papers or any other recommended sites. Get full clarity on the topic then start attempting the test inducted at different websites and test your ability.

As discussed, I would be very happy if CrazyEngineers introduces the branch wise exams to test bothered your aptitude as well as your technical expertise. That’s would be a great help for the engineers and it’s like a test drive before their actual interview process. 

@Mohana Chandra • 26 Dec, 2019 • 2 likes

Thats a great idea to implement,which will be useful for most of the Engineer graduates during their campus placements or walk-ins or interviews. Not only it will be useful for engineers,to most of the students who needs to parctice online aptitude tests. But here are some points which i would like to suggest based on my thoughts.

Each test must include all the aptitude topics/important topics.

If possible, you can provide all the formulae regarding all the cases in each topic(like indiabix provides ,which i consider as a good feature,why student feel ease with it), this  concept, not as a part of online test, as one of the sub category of CE site.

It would be helpful ,if  time limit provided is only for each sections of the test ,rather than providing time limit for single question to answer.

At the end of the test,when showing up results, it would be user attactive if you provide the percentage of answered(corrected and wrong answers ) , unanswered ( ofcourse treated as wrong answers) in the form of Pie Chart.

 I hope this helps (atleast a single point).

@Ramani Aswath • 30 Dec, 2019 • 1 like

There are many online courses available for almost all academic or personal development activities. Many are free.

Below is a partial list. I use all of them for various activities.

 (for some reason CE does not accept links. I am giving a reference to a word doc having the links)


@Divisha Madupalli • 30 Dec, 2019

There is an app called Logical Reasoning and aptitude in the google playstore which is very nice. Check it out and maybe give it a try.

@supriya VN gowda • 27 Feb, 2020

Indiabix (Many questions in placements will be asked from indiabix) 







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