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@johnd • 13 Jun, 2009
Hi all,

I just thought of starting a thread to collect the list of websites which provides project ideas and paper presentation ideas. Please post the sites which you feel is worth visiting. I will start off with a very good site.

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This is a great blog with huge project ideas for various disciplines from many websites and universities. Many project reports and paper presentation ideas are also available in the website.

Visit this site if you want any kind of project or paper presentation ideas.
@sumith123 • 22 Jun, 2010 yeah
its good source of project ideas but i prefer CE for getting a better support for project ideas discussion..
am i right?
@mikeclan • 21 Jan, 2011 Few years ago I got so many paper presentations in my own desktop (when I was doing engineering). Now I visited this forum while searching for some papers for my younger brother. He wanted a PPT based on GSM technology. Any ideas?


@Ankita Katdare • 21 Jan, 2011 @Sumith: Rock on CEan!


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