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@safiajen0055 • 11 Feb, 2013
Hello Guys,

Me Safia & Want to do Robotics engineering in good college in India...Can you tell me which is the best engineering colleges in India for robotics??? Help me out...
@Kaustubh Katdare • 11 Feb, 2013
Hello Guys,

Me Safia & Want to do Robotics engineering in good college in India...Can you tell me which is the best engineering colleges in India for robotics??? Help me out...
Are you looking for colleges that offer undergraduate course or post-graduate? Robotics Engineering, I believe isn't offered as a 'course' in engineering as it involves a bit of mechanical, electrical, electronics, communications and computer-science. I believe IITs have better robotics lab than most of the other engineering colleges in India.
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 13 Feb, 2013 I think PSG in coimbatore introduced it recently worth checking their website about it
@liza2010 • 28 Feb, 2013 If you are really looking for a good college for Automation & Robotics Engineering, go for Gulzar Institute of Engineering & Technology, located in Ludhiana, Punjab. This is first college in North India which has started this course for the first time. I would recommend this to you. Best of Wishes!
@sumit shinde • 22 Feb, 2014 Hello Guys
I want to do Robotics Engineering.Can any one tell me any college name is near Maharashtra or in .
Please reply me .I am waiting.
@Krunal Chudasama • 09 Aug, 2016 hello guys,
i am studying in electronics and communication, last year.
i want to go in robotics for masters.
can i get admission for robotics engineering in ME?
@Jash Mota • 14 Dec, 2016 • 1 like Robotics isn't offered as a major at any college/university, currently in India(sad thing). But as already mentioned above, you can learn about robotics from many different courses. You can take mechatronics, computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering. Mechatronics gets closest to robotics, as it constitutes of all the three fields. However, there are very few colleges offering this course as well. There's only one college offering this course in Mumbai right now - NMIMS University(I study here!). You can enrol yourself to the B. Tech Mechatronics course here...
@Bala Venkat • 26 Jun, 2019 • 1 like

I think we need a proper list of all the colleges offering good Robotics courses in India. So here we go -

  1. BITS Pilani Robotics Course:
  2. IIT BHU
    CSE - Specialization VI | Indian Institute of Technology(BHU)
  3. IIT Madras
  4. Manipal University

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