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@Ankita Katdare • 11 Sep, 2011
Some juniors were asking me about the best book for Electronic Devices And Circuits or EDC.

I referred the prescribed syllabus and found out following names.

1. Integrated Electronics By Millman & Halkias .
2. Electronic Devices & Circuits By Millman & Halkias .
3. Electronic Circuits –Discrete And Integrated By Schilling Belov .
4. Micro Electronics By Millman And Grabel.

Could someone share other good authors?
@narayana murthy • 11 Sep, 2011 1. Electronic Devices and Circuits – T.F. Bogart Jr., J.S.Beasley and G.Rico, Pearson Education,
6th edition, 2004.
2. Electronic Devices and Circuits – Dr. K. Lal Kishore, B.S. Publications, 2nd Edition, 2005.
3. Electronic Devices and Circuits-Dr K.Satyaprasad, VGS Publications,2006
4 Electronic Devices and Circuits –Prof B..Visvesvara Rao Peason Education 2 nd Edition
these are given according our jntuk syllabus
@Sagar07 • 12 Sep, 2011 Millman and Halkias is the best one.... its like bible for electronics devices and circuits as well as for solid state devices....
@Harshad Italiya • 13 Sep, 2011 I used to read Electronics Devices and Circuits by Allen Mottershead
@parth 127 • 13 Sep, 2011 i think robert boylested and louis nashelsky is the bible for edc
@Saijayadeep • 14 Sep, 2011 I think R.S.Sedha book helps in language point of view..😀
@Adivy • 15 Sep, 2011 We used to refer
Electronic Devices and circuits-Boylsted and Nashelsky,9th edition
Electronic Devices and circuits-Bogart,6th edition
Integrated electronics-Millman and Halkias
EDC-J.B. gupta
@parth 127 • 17 Sep, 2011 i think boylestad is good in all respects (i.e) language understanding and knowledge i dont know about other authors i found this book useful for me
@parth 127 • 17 Sep, 2011 i think thomas.l.floyd is also equally good text book
@parth 127 • 17 Sep, 2011 guys this is the bestsite to get access to good books on edc

MIT Libraries' Catalog - Barton - Full Catalog - Brief Results Display
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 18 Sep, 2011 Electronics Devices and Circuits by Salivahanan is also a good book.
@Arp • 18 Sep, 2011 can Refer Sedra And Smith available as a free ebook also
@parth 127 • 20 Sep, 2011 yeah sedra and smith is also a good one
@guna99 • 21 Sep, 2011 robert boylested !
Jacob millman !
@Sadan Arshad • 22 Sep, 2011 do you have the link of bogart....i desperately need that book...
@rajendravaleti • 22 Sep, 2011 i used Godesay by technical publication for EDC it eassy to undarstand
@parth 127 • 23 Sep, 2011
Sadan Arshad
do you have the link of bogart....i desperately need that book...

guys here in this link u can find all text book download i mean the desired text which you need

ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS BY BOGART: Download free PDF books about ELECTRONIC DEVICES AND CIRCUITS BY BOGART or use online PDF viewer. Share books with your friends easy!
@parth 127 • 23 Sep, 2011 u can get it here too

electronic circuits and devices by bogart fre - Google Search
@Sadan Arshad • 23 Sep, 2011 do you have the link for bogart 6th edition...for download
@parth 127 • 23 Sep, 2011 nope but u can just google it
@Sadan Arshad • 23 Sep, 2011 i searched everywhere but failed...😔
@Sadan Arshad • 23 Sep, 2011 thank you parth127 !
@Nikhila Naydu • 23 Sep, 2011 salivahanan is also a good book for edc
@parth 127 • 24 Sep, 2011 so did you found the book or not

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