• I just realized that many of us don't use our Android smartphones for some really useful apps.
    There are 100s of apps on Android that keep a check on your exercise, water drinking, workouts, running/walking schedules etc.

    We all need some good old reminders to make sure we continue doing the activities that we have started. Be it running a mile everyday or drinking 3 litres of water. So, let us use this discussion to collect the best apps in health and fitness category and be of help to each other.

    I'll set the ball rolling with the first app I came across.

    Water Your Body

    This app lets you input your weight and the water consumption you should do in a day in ratio of your weight. With a single tap it record the amount of water drunk at the respective time of the day.
    Great app for keeping a record and tracking your performance so you know where you are lacking.
    It also rings reminders when you should get up and drink water.
    Overall really useful app with more than 13,000 positive ratings.

    Download the app from Google Play Store here:
    Water Drink Reminder - Apps on Google Play
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