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@subash roy • 10 Oct, 2012
Engineering Entrance Examinations Preparation Books
There are many good Engineering Entrance Examinations Preparation Books which have proved to very helpful. These books include the test pattern, a well designed study strategy, old question papers and some very useful ticks to save time. Find below some of the well known Engineering Entrance Examinations Preparation Books which have proved to be useful:
CBSE All India Engineering Entrance Exam “Mathematics”: This book is written by Dr. N.K Singh and this includes all the topics covered under mathematics.
Solved papers & 8 practice sets GGSIPU engineering entrance exam: This book is published by expert compilations.
12 Years Solved papers for AMU engineering entrance exam: This book is published by Expert Compilations.
Guide to AIEE (All India Engineering Entrance exam): This book is published by G K publishers and includes set of mock tests which are very useful.
DCE Engineering Entrance: This book is published by Editorial Compilation and is published by Arihant.
@vamsi kancharla • 12 Oct, 2012 cbse aieee,guide to aieee are important books but dont depend on them try to under stand the cocept and try to apply
and more over dont follow previous question papers just see the models covered you can get good score in mathematics
@Fatimilehin • 15 Jul, 2013 hello! i'm interested in securing admission into any of the universities in india for electrical/electronic engineering or Avionic engineering. thanks
@Maratiraju • 01 Jun, 2015 Hi students,
Below are the usefull link to the above mentioned books where you can buy online also,

1) CBSE All India Engineering Entrance Exam 'Mathematics' (English)

2) GGSIPU Engineering Entrance Exam - Solved Papers (2014 - 2004) 5th Edition

3) CET - Karnataka Engineering Entrance 15 Year's Solved Papers (2000 - 2014) (English) 4th Edition

4) AIEEE Combined Books (Physics, Chemistry) (English) 4th Edition

5) DCE Engineering Entrance Exam (English)


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