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@Shabih Abbas Khan • 06 Jun, 2015
Hello sir,
I'm. Shabih Abbas Khan I've just joint an angeneering college for in computer science,sir I have some idea of CPP programming which I learnt in intermediate and also have interest of java language and web designing...
Sir,whie studying in college I want to gain some extra knowledge of computer languages,so which courses should I apply for which help me in my career and also will have value in computer's market.???
@Jasim Chouhan • 08 Jun, 2015 You can learn python, If u want to make your career in programming, python is very easy after learning c language. You can also apply for ruby.
@msec123 • 08 Jun, 2015 There are many short term computer courses which are available for the computer science graduates, and in which domain you wants to go for the jobs then you can take up those related courses of study and there are diploma computer courses are also available and also the short term courses and some of the best courses which are available for the computer science engineers are...
*Multi media
*Advance Java
*Web designing
These are some of the short term courses and also you can take up the long term courses also in these above domains if you wants it to be a diploma level courses then you can take up these courses as full time related courses of study..
After the completion of these courses of study you can enter in to the specified fields of work in those domains and most preferred programming domains and programming related studies are of the...

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