Best Cdac center in pune

I just want a ranking of cdac centers in pune.


  • atul-namdeo
    cdac acts in aundh and sundeam in pune... they are good cdac center.
  • DJoker
    How's knowledge IT, Infoway Technologies & Institute of Emerging Technologies?
  • Nivedhitha
    hai ..hello
    i have wrote exam in cdac for pgdhi and i have got 171 rank .. only pune is having the center will i get ? above my rank 88 candidates have applied for pgdhi will i get the seat?
  • Nivedhitha
    hi hello frnds...
    i have wrote cdac for pgdhi .i secured 171 rank above my rank there are 88 candidates applied for pg dhi .the course is only at pune so will i get seat in pune?is there any chance?
  • poojammb
    I think IACSD comes after sunbeam... then Infoway. Not sure about Know-it Vs IET
  • QuickSilver
    Good Evening Sir,

    I have searched a lot but I got mixed reactions some says PUNE is best for DESD, and some says Hyderabad is best for DESD.

    So please sir, also tell me

    With respect to maximum Placement Opportunity which among Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore CDAC Center (HQ) is Best for DESD Course?
  • Shubham Tripathi
    Shubham Tripathi
    my rank is 452 in A+B
    got cdac banglore in 1st cousilling
    what are my chances of getting ACTS PUNE in 2nd round

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