Best Calculators For Engineering Students - Reviews & Recommendations

Basic & Scientific calculators are an integral part of every engineering student's life. There are several calculator brand available in the market and choosing the one that fits your needs is sometimes a tough challenge. I remember CASIO was one of the most popular brands when I was in college. However, there are several other options in the market and this thread aims to compile all the reviews & feedback about various calculator models. Your your own review of calculator model you've been using and whether you'd recommend using it to others.


  • ShrinkDWorld
    i am using CASIO FX991👍
    It is very easy & it has almost all function. I purchased it for Rs.520/- Now the chracters on lots of buttons are vanished but still i am using it because i am very addicted to it. 😀
  • lal
    Still its the Casio Trend here.. 😁 Mine is Casio fx 991 es

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