Best Books for PHP Learning

Here are some PHP books for referemce-Please suggest which of them are good. Also please post any other if you know -

O'Reilly-php cookbook
Apress beginning php and mysql 3rd edition mar 2008
Apress php object patterns and practice
Apress practical web 2.0 application with php Dec 2007
Friendsofed php solutions dynamic web design made easy
Friendsofed php object oriented solutions Aug 2008
Just enough web programming with xhtml php and mysql
Oreilly first php mysql Dec 2008
Oreilly learning php mysql and javascript Jul 2009
Php 6 and mysql 5 for dynamic website
php for the web, 3rd ed
Wiley php6 and mysql Jan 2009
Wrox professional php6 Apr 2009


  • stevenreed034
    I read PHP and MySQL Web Development by Welling and Thomson I believe. Pretty good book. I started with Fast and Easy Web Development by Julie Meloni. A good begginners book, but if you already know a little PHP it's probably not worth getting.

    Books are good, but I personally think the best way to learn is to just practice. Play around with it. Think of something you want to build, then go out and learn how to build it. PHP is open source and has an awesome online community with plenty of free resources. Read the forum, post questions, look through your books, search online, then build it. I learned so much quicker when I put the books down and just dove in.

    If someone posts a question on this board, search and/or guess & check on your server and try to figure out the solution. Then, either post what you've discovered or wait and see what other people post. This was actually how I learned PHP. When I started posting here I knew virtually nothing, but I always tried to find the answers to people's questions.

    Hope this helps.

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