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@harman singh • 08 Feb, 2013
sir , i was studying hydraulics ,a bit problem i was facing .will you please suggest me best book for hydraulics which will be benificial.thank you
@Kaustubh Katdare • 11 Feb, 2013 Mechanical engineering folks might help. Issue - do you have suggestions?
@ISHAN TOPRE • 11 Feb, 2013 • 1 like Fluid Power with applications author- "Anthony Esposito". Everything you need is explained in detail in this book. Part of it also covers Pneumatics (Also good diagrams of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits).

One more, Oil Hydraulic Systems by Dr. S.R Muzumdar. The best Indian book I have found till date on the subject. It will clear your basic concepts.
The same author has another book on pneumatics.
@zaveri • 11 Feb, 2013 If you want a book for hydraulics, then Esposito is the book.

but if you want fluid mechanics and machinery, then the author is R.K.Bansal

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