• Beijing Daxing International Airport is going to be the world's biggest and the busiest Airport, with an area spread of 2680 hectors (of the size of Bermuda) and carry about 120 million passengers every year. The construction of the Airport is expected to complete in 2017. The location of the airport will be in Daxing, a rural area 46 km south of Tiananmen Square in China.

    The airport will have 8 airports dedicated to civil aviation and another runway dedicated specially to the military and airforce. Once complete, it will not only become the main airport in Beijing but will also put the Beijing Capital International Airport to #2 spot. The construction is expected to begin in the next 1-2 months.

    Photos -
    Beijing Daxing International Airport


    Looks like the Chinese will now rival the Arabs in building the best and the biggest. Interesting civil engineering project to keep an eye on, for sure. What say, folks?
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