• Neha

    MemberAug 11, 2006

    Beggar Mafiah

    I watched a show on Beggar Mafiah on some Media Channel..I have heard a lot of times about it but still when I see any beggar, I can't resist myself without helping her/him.
    I have heard a lot of stories like "One saw a hag who was begging in the streets whining that she is famished and hasn't anything for the past 3-4 days, he went to her and asked to have food but she refused and asked for money","One of my cousins gave alms to an old man feeling that will help him and his family but he was stupefied when he saw him buying a bottle of beer for him" and more.
    So,what do you think should we help beggars with alms? I personally feel that we should help them with food if they want and that too to the beggars who we feel wouldn't be able to do any kind of job..I have heard that Beggar Mafiah cuts down the legs and hands of people to make us feel that these people can't do anything for them..So, what do CE has to say regarding this matter?
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