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Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Aug 5, 2012

Bedrock Linux Makes Most Of The Available Linux Distributions

Open source lovers would love to know that a new Linux Distribution is in town with the name 'Bedrock Linux'. It aims to get the best of all the distros and be as transparent as ever. You get to have all the mutually exclusive benefits such as a stable base from Debian or a RHEL clone, while having a hand on the Arch Linux packages. Users don't have to worry about running their favorite Ubuntu-only software simultaneously while automating compiling packages with Gentoo's portage. Having something as minimal as Tinycore or SliTaz and as user-friendly as Mint, does have a mass appeal. Bedrock gets you exactly that.


Bedrock’s magic is based around ?lesystem and PATH manipulation. With its release, you can take part in discussion or give feedback  at #bedrock on freenode or Bedrock Linux's github page or even at Reddit's /r/bedrocklinux. If you want to dig a bit deeper, you can check a presentation, which is a little out-of-date in a PDF here. You may get the release here.

Via: Slashdot

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