@patsham • 15 Dec, 2009
I dont know basic difference between 2G,3G OR 4G network or say basics of these networks...kindly help me wid that...
@Kaustubh Katdare • 15 Dec, 2009 Post moved to a new thread in Electrical/Electronics engineering section.
@Manish Goyal • 19 Dec, 2009 In 1G, Narrow band analogue wireless network is used, with this we can have the voice calls and can send text messages. These services are provided with circuit switching.Then in case of 2G Narrow Band Wireless Digital Network is used. It brings more clarity to the conversation .Both the 1G and 2G deals with voice calls and has to utilize the maximum bandwidth.In 3G Wide Brand Wireless Network is used with which the clarity increases and gives the perfection as like that of a real conversation. The data are sent through the technology called Packet Switching .Voice calls are interpreted through Circuit Switching.Then with the case of Fourth Generation that is 4G in addition to that of the services of 3G some additional features such as Multi-Media Newspapers, also to watch T.V programs with the clarity as to that of an ordinary T.V. In addition, we can send Data much faster that that of the previous generations.
@sarveshgupta • 19 Dec, 2009 Nice explanation goyal

You could have formatted it a little bit to make it more easily readable

and doesn't 3G also provide multimedia services ? I think it does! Correct me if I am wrong
@Manish Goyal • 19 Dec, 2009 yeah I also think ...but I read this ...it only mention this
anyhow..I will try to get more knowledge about it...and will clarify this
@patsham • 20 Dec, 2009 HEY thanks goyal.nice explaination😛
@piyushh • 09 Jan, 2010 well.. one more thing we hav the basis difference between 3g n 4g..if we come to the core..in 4g they hav used ..QPSk with QAM....OFDMA..i.e orthogonal fdma.and few month ago though not sucessfull but..they hav commertially tried..synchonous..cdma..to solve the problem of timedelay in uplink
@chaitanyagymnast • 12 Jul, 2012 In 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G what does the G means???

is it frequency related or just generations??
@nikki jain • 27 Aug, 2012 G relates to infrastructure.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 27 Aug, 2012 G stands for 'Generation'. It's basically an indicator of the progress in technology in communications domain. So 2G refers to second generation communication technology and 4G is the current generation (aka the 4th Generation) of technology.

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