Aztec Software- Java- Technical Interview Question Paper for 1+ Years Exp

1. Explain about your current project?
2. While using Apache Tomcat4.1 where can place all the jsp files.
3. What is a jsp?.
4. what is a servlet?
5. Which type of connection using in JDBC?. (Whether it is Pooled connection like..)
6. what r the implicit objects in jsp?.
7. what r the directives in jsp.?
8. what r the actions in jsp.?
9. what is diff b/w forward and redirect()?.
10. what r the steps involved in JDBC connection.?
11. How u can configure Tomcat server?
12. what is method overloading?
13. what is method overriding?
14. what r the oops concepts in java?
15. what is polymorphism?
16. what is an abstract class?
17. what is the diff b/w an abstract class and an interface?
18. how can call jsp from servlets?
19. how can call servlets from jsp?
20. how can handle errors in jsp?
21. what r the sessions?
22. what is the diff b/w String and String Buffer class?
23. what is the adv of jsp over servlets?
24. what is the diff b/w Apache Tomcat4.1 and other versions?


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