@Ashish Bardhan • 06 Jan, 2013
Axtria comes for selecting students in campus for almost all engineering branches.

Every single round mentioned below was an Elimination Round.


1. Written Round : It was for an hour, having 5 sections having 10 Objective Questions each from the section Logical Reasoning Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Technical (including C and SQL MCQs), Statistical/Geometrical Representation, including 3 Subjective Questions,
1. Why you want to join Axtria ? (150-200 words)
2. Mention any work experience in Data Analysis ? (150-200 words)
3. Explain your role while working in a Team. (150-200 words)

2. Interview Rounds : There were two interviews : both had mixed Technical and HR. Even the first Interview was Elimination and only few of us had our second interview. They've asked questions from various aspects. From technical aspects, basic questions from various technical concepts like- C/C++ Programming, OOPS, Data Structures, DBMS etc. were asked, along with some famous coding problems like - Sorting and Searching. Moreover, they've asked for giving a complete overview of my mentioned Projects. While from the HR aspect, typical HR questions were asked for which I was already prepared, including questions like - Why starting a career in analytic, even though I am into Software and IT ? (challenging one) were also out forward. Some Tricky but easy puzzles were also asked.

After facing all these difficult rounds, I was in the final three. But unfortunately, I didn't got full-time employment from Axtria. 😔
@Kaustubh Katdare • 06 Jan, 2013 Interesting! Question #3 in round #1 looks interesting. How did you answer it?
@Ashish Bardhan • 06 Jan, 2013
Interesting! Question #3 in round #1 looks interesting. How did you answer it?
Well, Axtria is a Non-Technical Company, so I wrote a little bit as I am more into Technical stuffs. But since they were also into analysis and statistics domain, I got something more content to write what I got to know about the company during their presentation.

I want to join Axtria because this is a place where I could get to visualize the company and to learn any of its services from various perspectives whether technical, analytical, customer or managerial from the beginning of my career. I found analysis quite interesting, as it is quite related to Data Mining. Plus, I have a keen interest in Data Mining and had done certain projects during my college days.

The same thing I wrote in my Cover Letter for Barclays as well. There could be a better answer (in more formal way 😛). But for me at that moment, it was quite decent to justify myself being a deserving candidate (in a limited time 😛).

And Guys, Any suggestions how more to answer such questions ??

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