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@AMIT987 • 22 Apr, 2015
I am jobless ECE engineer. What is future scope of automation and embedded systems?what is current and future market trends in those fields? I Wanted to do training course in one of them.Right now I Dont have any knowledge in both fields so I have to start with scratch.If I took automation now Can I go Into Embedded system later on? Will Both fields get merge in future?
Your help on this will help me to get clear understanding while selecting career.
@barath rajamani • 22 Apr, 2015 • 1 like ok... few things point blank
fields may merge or diverge not your career. u start in one and improvise on it or its a direct jump if you get chance.
Both fields are good and embedded seems to be high paying and high on demand whereas automation is becoming older. As a telecom student or ECE student it makes more sense to go to embedded. Automation seems to be more for Instrumentation and Industrial Engg as the automation business is much harnessed by Oil and Gas Companies.
Also see where you want to see yourself in the future, then decide and as far as taking training, i see that embedded trainings are costlier than automation ones and embedded training centers may get you placement into some company too.

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