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Question asked by Sagar Ramchandra Bhavsar in #Coffee Room on Mar 5, 2015
Sagar Ramchandra Bhavsar
Project Abstract / Summary : Today everything in our real world is revolves around electronic equipment. In all electronic equipment contains PCB, which performs faster and it reduces size of device. It should produce in mass quantity to fulfill requirement. In making of PCB one of the impotant stage is 'drilling'. To understand need of it, we are doing project as "Automatic PCB drilling machine".
Firstly we are making PCB layout of given Circuit diagram in 'Proteus'. along with PCB layout. we are making one .drl file format using 'Gerber' software. this creates all drill location file. This drill file (.drl format) is then given to microcontroller(AT89S52) using serial communication. Controller take first dill location and setting three stepper motors (X,Y,Z axis) at desired point. Once drill is set to desired point, drill motor comes down and drill that point. Similarly, it drill all drill points.
We are using 3 stepper motor of about 1Kg/cm torque. for stepper motors ULN 2803 driver is used. For serial communication we use MAX232. LCD used for indicting status.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : In last few years, the world of electronic is advanced; due to the development of electronic circuits usually uses PCB i.e. printed Circuit Board.
One of the processes in making PCB is to make a hole, whether for vias and pads. For small PCB, this process can be finished soon. But for larger one, this can take longer time. After etching process, the PCB is placed to this system then it has to drill manually.
This takes lot of time to ready for mounting with drilled holes of PCB. To overcome this problem, we are going to design a drilling machine which can drill the PCB automatically.
In small scale industries CNC machines are not affordable, so this project will help them.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: S. R. E. S. College of Engg. Kopargaon
City: Kopargaon
State: Maharashtra
Participating Team From: Final Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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