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akileza • Oct 7, 2010

automata builder


I am looking for a package/ toolkit
that can build Finite state automata
from the event sequence I have. I dont
have much programming knowledge to do this.
Hence if there is a package that takes the
event sequnce as input and build a FS automata
and give it as output, then it would be
of great use to me. Kindly suggest if you know

You can also view the above one as constructing
regular expression from sequence of alphabets.

Reya • Oct 7, 2010
JFLAP-A java based free package for formal language theory..It will be useful for the step wise construction of Finite state Automatas and you can visualize the automata..Hope this will help you!!
akileza • Oct 8, 2010
hi praveena211,
Thanks for your reply. JFLAP has solved half of my problem
It has ability to construct the FSM from regular expression.
But the problem for me is that the package should
automatically construct regular expression from the event sequence.
i.e. it should be able to look for patterns,loops in my event sequence automatically
and construct a regular expression from which FS automata can
be constructed. I hope I am clear now.


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