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audio transformer doubt

Question asked by arnab321 in #Coffee Room on Aug 24, 2008
arnab321 · Aug 24, 2008
im trying to do this project How to Transmit Audio With a Laser Pen - wikiHow

but im unsure of the transformer to use. i went to the store n asked 4 "an audio output transformer". the dealer said "what transformer?". n he gave me a 6-0-6 volt transformer, said that he does not have other transformers.

well, i used my multimeter to test the resistance.
in that transformer, on the side where 2 wires r coming, its 1.7kohm

on the other side where 3 wires r coming, if i connect the 2 outside yellow wires to the multimeter, it shows 14 ohm.

if i connect the middle green wire to either of the yellow wires, the resistance is 7.4 ohm.

now, how do i use this transformer in the project at How to Transmit Audio With a Laser Pen - wikiHow ? Posted in: #Coffee Room
shadeslayer · Aug 24, 2008
Rank C2 - EXPERT
i already answered in another thread,,

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