audio output from cdrom

i am recently doing my project " cdrom as audio cd player".... in that i am not getting my audio output from the headphone jack. is there any other way to get audio output from a standalone cdrom?
please help me ........


  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    What are you working on? I mean, do you have a CD Player and you don't get the audio out or what? Explain in detail buddy! 😁
  • kochan
    😀thank you for replying!!!! actually i am using my old 40X atapi cdrom...... in that with 12-0-0-5 voltage supply i could make the cdrom work standalone without the use of pc... and according to my project, just by inserting a headphone jack in to the headphone socket in the cdrom, the audio must be played....but it is not coming....i dont know what to do!!!😔 there any other way to get the audio output from it.....and is there any use of the pins in the rear of the cdrom? or should we have to use any other amplifying system to play the audio ......and if that is the case how should that amplifying system be?😐 i could not upload any images for your help!!!! but i can say the links for it....

    the images that could help you are:
    cdrom rear: #-Link-Snipped-#

    image of my cdrom: #-Link-Snipped-#

    please reply me in case you have some ideas!!!!!
  • PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    PraveenKumar Purushothaman
    Okay!!! I got what you are trying to do... You cannot just like that use a CD ROM Drive to play an audio CD. You need to have a driver, which instructs the Player / Drive to play it. 😀

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