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Audi A5 In Up-Gradation Mode, Revamped Cars To Be Launched Soon

Question asked by Farjand in #Automobiles on Jul 13, 2011
Farjand · Jul 13, 2011
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If there is any car in which we are going to see a massive up gradation, it will hardly be an automobile other than Audi. Audi has reportedly announced the up gradation of its A5 model range which will soon be seen with exclusive features. A5's all models viz; coupé, cabriolet and Sportback will now sport a classic look other than its technological changes. The technological changes include new engine and a latest and distinctive direct injection and forced injection. The fuel efficiency of A5 models is also up graded. An increase of 11% is seen in specific fuel consumption other than a reported fall of 22 percent in CO2 emissions there by making it even greener than its previous version.


The entry-level models for A5 now boasts 1.8 liters, four cylinder petrol engine with <em>Turbo Fuel Stratified Injection</em><em> </em>(TFSI). The earlier model fitted in A5 was only able to produce a power of 158 bhp, the upgraded one is better with a 10 bhp rise in engine power produced.

For S5 model we now have a supercharged 3 liter V6 engine which is a down sized version of the present 4.2 liter V8 engine used in Sportback and Cabriolet versions. The model also incorporated with an innovative electro-mechanical steering system. The other effect of this new steering is also in the reduction of carbon emission. During its test run, a reduction of 7 g/Km in Co2 emission was observed.

Other than visual and technical up gradation, Audi has also given a top priority to safety of passengers. The newer versions now have a feature which can detect if the driver is getting tired and issues him a warning to avoid any untoward incident. Another option for an Audi customer is <em>Active Lane Assist</em>. Active Lane Assist system reads markings on the road and guides the driver in his journey. The entire range is now up graded for a highest safety standards and an excellent driving experience. The styling features include a wider looking front side with a new bumper with larger air intake capacity. The cars are also attributed with revised grille, while Sportback is now available with a five seat option. The optional MMI infotainment option and range of new upholstery is expected to work magic.

Whole range of A5 will be available to customers later this year. The bookings will start this September and the cars will be ready in showrooms across UK in early December. They buyers can of course expect a super smooth driving experience.

Source: Autocar UK Posted in: #Automobiles

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