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shiva kumar
shiva kumar • Jul 30, 2008

At very high frequencies why devices tend to radiate?

at very high frequencies why devices tend to radiate? • Aug 4, 2008
Re: doubt

hi,dude i think frequency is directly proportional to speed,at high speed every devices starts to radiate.....
if u know various idea abot this means.please inform me in your reply😁
reachrkata • Aug 5, 2008
I think it has to do with Antenna basics. Any conductor would radiate some frequencies based on its length. If I remember it right a conductor of length L will radiate a signal (like an antenna) of wavelength W if L=W/2 (or is it W/4 - don't remember)

Nevertheless, as you see from the equation, lower the wavelength (i.e. higher the frequency), smaller is the length of conductor required for it to act as an antenna.

Considering the sizes of devices and PCB routes that we use normally, they would radiate only at high frequencies.

- Karthik

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